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If you are at all interested in joining us and need more information get in touch with the chairman by using the "Contact Us" link on the upper part of each page. Or you will be more than welcome to come and sit in at our rehearsals from 7.0 p.m to 9.0 p.m every Monday and Thursday at the Glynneath rugby club.

Top Tenors


                  Viv Connick                     Peter Evans


              Morgan Evans                   David Pugh  


                     Eric Morgan                      Barrie Potter




Second Tenors


                   Bill Hawkes                           Alun Venn 


                  Robert Parry                     Gwyn Weston




    Nigel Bailey                 Anthony Collins               John Coughlan



              Gavin Davies               Len Davies                                 


               John Lambert






             Graham Harret               Graham Hall               


        Dylan Thomas                Gwyn Prosser     


          John Watkins                  Huw Watkins              Gwyn Watkins