The choir has over the years travelled extensively always combining the tours with fund raising concerts for whatever genuine charity needs our help. From Prague to Barbados from Wiesbaden to Benidorm. Virtually all over the British Isles and the continent. Many times our choristers have combined with other choirs to tour places like New Zealand and Australia calling in on exotic places like Hong Kong and Singapore. Once you become a chorister the world is your Oyster. Scroll down to see photos of many memorable sojourns

 Below is the most recent trip to France at the end of October 2012. The photograph is of the group consisting of choristers with wives and partners, taken in front of the statue of a mounted Louis X1V at the centre of the "Place de Bellecour" in Lyon, France. For my journal of the full trip, click on "News" in the links above then on "More" 

 Basking in the evening sun by the hotel pool prior to giving a concert at the Celtic festival in Barbados

Attending a Celtic festival during a trip to Newport County Mayo Ireland, The article praising the choir was written by one of the festivals' organisers and printed in the national Press 

The choir singing "Speed your Journey" ( the slaves chorus from Verdi's Nabucco) on the famous King Charles bridge in Prague

We also held two full concerts in two of the hundreds of beautiful churches there


Flying the Flag on the steps of one of those churches in Prague

Practicing with Katherine Jenkins before the Welsh  v  Australia Rugby match in Cardiff. We later entertained the crowd during the build up to the game.


On the steps of the Royal Albert Hall prior to one of our eight appearances there.


A practise session in the Royal Albert Hall

from left to right front row Graham Harret, Gwyn Prosser, Graham Hall, Martin Elias, Huw Watkins.

From one of the finest venues in the world to a marquee at the Baldock Music Festival

Woburn Abbey The choir spent the weekend here where we sang at the wedding of

Ruth Madocs' daughter (Ruth of Hi De Hi fame)

Gerwyn our M.D. chatting to Paul Daniels one of the many stars of stage and screen at the wedding in Woburn.

Three old stagers outside the Black Oak Inn where we stayed during yet another week in Ireland

A nice break in Southend where we have sung in the prestigeous Cliffs' Pavilion on three separate occasions raising funds for the childrens Hospice.

A lavish reception for the choir in the pretty little town of Delft Holland. We held a concert there in celebration of the British Presidency of the European Community.

A pretty but wet and windy Delft, Holland, but it failed to dampen our spirits

A street party in Wiesbaden Germany in the forefront, about to get a beer shampoo, is Sian Menna who has accompanied the choir on many occasions. She has a beautiful soprano voice with a power that belies her diminutive physical stature